Hoopla offers fun and creative activity workshops for vacation care. 

Our workshops offer fun and interactive hands-on activities that allow kids to:

  • express their creativity through craft

  • learn a new, fun circus skill (improving coordination and concentration)

  • take home a bright and colourful product that they've created with their own hands.

We currently offer two activity workshops:

  • Hula Hoops

  • Juggling Balls / Bungy Balls (for younger kids)

Each workshop includes materials, instruction for making the product, circus skill tuition (hooping/juggling), and a take-home product (hula hoop or juggling/bungy balls). 


Length: Each workshop runs for 60 minutes

Venue: Your Vacation Care facility

Numbers: 8 - 12 kids per class. Larger groups can be divided into smaller groups and classes run consecutively.

Cost: $25 per child