Balloons are a fantastic and creative way to transform any space, large or small. 

Please browse through some of our popular designs and feel free to contact us to chat to discuss your event. For more balloon inspiration, have a look through our gallery or Instagram page. We add new creations there all the time! Alternatively, if you see anything you like on Pinterest or Instagram, send us a photo and we can provide a customised quote. 

Organic Designs

Freestanding organic 3/4 arch (small and medium-sized balloons + chrome balloons)

Rigged organic half arch (small, medium and jumbo balloons + chrome balloons + flowers)

Organic 'balloon explosion' (incl chrome balloons)

Organic Rainbow Garland

Organic arch (small and medium-sized balloons)

Our organic garlands and arches are generally priced per metre, starting at $100/metre.  Exact price will vary depending on factors such as:

- size of balloons

- additions such as flowers, foliage or metallic balloons

- requiring rigging or freestanding


Generally, our organic garlands start from around $400. 


Jungle arch - from $400

Halloween twisted creations + string of pearls - from $250

Rainbow arch (small) - from $300

Rectangular organic arch with message - POA

There are a variety of arches available, including:

- structured

- organic

- themed

- string of pearls helium

Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Helium string of pearls arch with letters - from $200

Big Balloons

Helium jumbo bouquet $350

Helium jumbo confetti balloons

Jumbo solid colour - from $50 each 

Hanging jumbo balloons

These jumbo "three foot" balloons can be air-filled or helium.

Prices start from $50/balloon for solid colours and $100 for confetti balloons. 

Helium Balloons

Loose ceiling 11" balloons on ribbon

Helium bubble strands (from $50 each)

Chrome/metallic helium bouquet + foil number

Giant foil helium numbers (from $30 each)

Our range of helium balloons includes a variety of sizes from standard latex 11" balloons to jumbo balloons, as well as foil numbers, letters, and shapes/designs. They are available:

- loose

- bouquet

- 'strands'

- as a 'wall'


Chrome/metallic 11" balloons on ribbon 

Balloon wall with chrome balloons and spherical metallic balloon balls.

Rainbow unicorn columns

Columns can be tailored to any theme, including sports, animals, holiday events​ or milestone celebrations.

Prices from $150 per column. 

Team colours soccer columns

More Designs

Giant 2m tall letters (POA)

Giant beer sculpture or costume (POA)

Circus clown table centrepiece

Under-the-sea themed octopus floor piece

Balloon table runners (from $40/m) + Balloon wall (POA)

Extras: Flowers and foliage 

Customised balloons - have your logo or message printed on balloons (POA)

Candy Canes - from $250 each

We can make almost anything with balloons! Whether retail, corporate or for a personal celebration, we're happy to chat through balloon ideas with you to bring some colour and the WOW factor to your event! 

Giant Bobble Heads - Unicorn, Chicken, Dog, etc. From $100


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