You might be wondering how circus skills can be incorporated into the office space. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to introducing a bit of play and creativity into the office environment. It's fun, entertaining, requires focus and coordination, and can be a great bonding experience, breaking down barriers. We offer a range of circus skills such as juggling and hula hooping, as well as balloon twisting.

Team Building

  • Circus skills are fantastic interactive, hands-on activities that everyone can do, no matter their level of fitness or mobility. They're also great for putting everyone at ease and on a level playing field, not to mention very quickly taking their minds off checking their email! 

  • Circus provides for a fun and supportive environment full of colour, laughter, joy and surprise.

Parties, Events & Family Fun Day 

  • Circus skills are interactive and engaging and great for both kids and adults of all ages, bringing fun, colour and laughter

  • Need some entertainment? Watch balloon twisters create 'something out of nothing' before your very eyes. Kids and adults alike will be delighted and entertained by watching simple balloons being transformed into giraffes, goldfish, helicopters, crazy hats, favourite cartoon characters and more! 

​Running a Creative Workshop?

Here are some ways to incorporate circus arts into a workshop:

  • Learning to juggle can warm up minds as well as bodies

  • Learn how to twist a balloon animal to spark creativity

  • Break the monotony with some hula hooping 

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